Monday, March 9, 2009

Selected Comments at the Visit to the Construction Site of the Bridge of Prek Tamak

08 April 08

I am so glad to come to the Prek Tamak bridge construction site today to witness the progress made so far and to symbolically pour concrete for the first pillar of the bridge. What is more important is that the bridge has indeed had to build in extension of another 6 meters for free. What I get impressed the most is that the progress has been made fast beyond my expectation. On my flight to and fro Kompong Thom I noticed speedy progress of the bridge construction down here. It is indeed marvelous that the most up to date vessel used in this kind of construction in China has indeed been moved to work here.

The Chinese do not retain the best and modern technology for themselves but to share them with us and other countries as well. I would have to thank China through Her Excellency the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China for this generous offer and sharing. This indeed creates confidence and the company will in the future be known for their commitment and sharing, for which more projects would be given to them.

I have no doubt with the Shanghai construction company because as we all can see that the major expertise of the company is to build high buildings but that does not mean that the company does not possess the skills of building good bridges. The company is building the NR 7 and the bridge over the Mekong at Se Kong, the bridge of Prek Tamak, the bridge of Prek Kadam and the NR 62 from Tbeng Mean Chey of Preah Vihear to the Koh Ke temple and back to Siemreap.

The bridge here has to be raised high 15 meters above the water level at flood time so that vessel traffic would not be obstructed. To be fifteen meters above the highest level of water during the biggest flood would allow us to continue water traffic for ships, etc. especially we have to tug through here loads of rubber as well as other important crops. I am so glad to hear that the construction period has been rescheduled to less than 50 months.

In the future more people from Prey Veng province, Svay Rieng and Kompong Cham will travel this way in great number before the construction of the bridge at Neak Loeung. We will have to reconsider the improvement on the NR 6A because of this achievement. Before the Khmer New Year I am so glad to be able to come to this symbolic event. I am also taking this moment to note that the NR 8 after its construction finishes will become one of the most busy roads that extend its connection to the greater Mekong Sub-region, via Vietnam./.


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