Monday, March 9, 2009

Selected Comments at the Inauguration of Achievements in the Hun Sen College in the Commune of Kompong Popil, Prey Veng's Pea Raing district

09 April 08

Pearaing Will Be a City

Its my pleasure indeed to return to the district of Pearaing of the province of Prey Veng and I am so glad that today we inaugurate the Hun Sen College of Kompong Popil but what is more important is that our people have more needs to fulfill. I am sure that before long the people of Pearaing have to prepare themselves to become city dwellers. The NR 8 is running through here and the district of Pearaing would become a city that is no longer secondary to the district of Pea Raing at all but directly to Prey Veng province itself.

HE Chea Soth who is getting old is no longer able to lead the CPP working team here, thoug he has provided the district with numerous achievements. HE Nhem Vanda (of the disaster preparedness and response center) also has built a number of schools. HE Bin Chin, Deputy Prime Minister, will take HE Chea Soth's place in Prey Veng since he has been moved to Phnom Penh. The General Staff Ke Kim Yan also sent here his soldiers to help with the drought in 1994-95. That is why it is noticeable that there are many soldiers in the district of Pea Raing.

College Level Education

I have declared in Santuk of Kompong Thom that we have to increase education facilities to local areas and more teaching staff will also be provided. We have to raise or initiate educational level of college to all districts and this is the goal we attempt to reach. I used to say that a family, a nation etc. would have tremendous difficulties to develop if they do not have human resources. One important factor still is the fact that we will increase equal chance for both male and female students to get access to college level education, an important criteria to go on to the tertiary education. We now have more universities in rural provinces - in the east (Svay Rieng and Prey Veng), in the northwest (Mean Chey University of Banteay Mean Chey) and more will be built in Battambang, etc.

Peace for Khmer New Year and for the Elections

Because we are approaching the Khmer New Year I would seek everyone's attention that we should safeguard peace in the country so that our people could enjoy the ceremony and I would see also that it is important for our country and people to be in peace and reconciliation so we all go to the polling stations in an environment of safety and security, free from violence, threat and pressure.

I would suggest that you all take a look at some other countries that are in fighting and terrorized actions that take lives of innocent people. Cambodia is now at peace and we should try and maintain it and I am sure that our people will have the best conscience to judge what is best for them and for the country. Those who set up new political parties are also welcome and hope they do not just keep appearing when the elections come and disappearing when the elections are over.

Some politicians say that if they get elected they would make the country and people rich. We have noticed that some Cambodian residents from the US are channeling their money into the country to buy land. Maybe these people want to come back and live in Cambodia one day./.


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