Monday, March 9, 2009

Comments at the Inauguration of the Royal Ratanak Hospital in the Sangkat (commune) Boeung Kak, Tuol Kork

20 March 08

My wife and I are so happy to participate with our people here for the inauguration of the Royal Ratanak Hospital which is the best equipped hospital in Cambodia. According to Chumteav Tao Toeun Tia Banh, it has developed from a clinic to a hospital and the date on which it was built was March 08, 2004 - the International Women's Day. It has a slose cooperation with the Scientific Centre of Duset in Bangkok. Once again I am glad that this hospital will provide check-up and treatment on the spot for diseases that we before have to go abroad.

The establishment of this joint effort has indeed responded to two demands - 1) for better professionally equipped health check and 2) raising confidence among investors and tourists that their health could be taken care of while they are in Cambodia.

Phnom Penh has increasingly become a cultural, economic, social, health and tourist centre or attraction. In 2008 all roads in Phnom Penh will be asphalted whereas the headquarters of the military staff will indeed move out of Phnom Penh to the suburb. The current headquarters should be left for healthcare purpose, if we were to have no investment in building hospital yet, it is fine but we will seek help from Korea, China, for instance on this matter.

The land is indeed the most expensive spot in Phnom Penh. As we have evolved from war to peace, to weapons destroyed, to a city of calm and peaceful life, we have to reserve it for no other purpose than that. Efforts should be made to reserve land for public purpose and we have done some great jobs also. Our population is on the increase and we need them for the sake of our people./.


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