Monday, March 9, 2009

Comments at the Inauguration of Bat Doeng College, Udong District, Kompong Speu Province

04 February 08

It is indeed a great pleasure that I am here with all of you to put into formal use a new achievement - the Hun Sen - Bat Doeng College for the poeple in Kompong Speu's Udong district in particular, and for the country as a whole. I remember that a director of a school here in Udong called into Bayon radio program and said that he wanted to see a college built in his district. HE Say Chhum came to see me one day before talking about his intention to build a college in the district of Thpong. On his way to Thpong I called His Excellency Say Chhum to go by Udong to check. That is how this construction proposal came about.

We have now set a new standard for the building of colleges. We build a two floor building of 20 classrooms and eight WCs, an office of direction, and a building with five classrooms for training students about sewing. To have a college right next to the primary school is a good strategy because no student will drop out of school for reason of being too distant from the next level education facility. The college also will be acquainting students from other eight junior colleges nearby in addition to those adjacent primary schools.

In the past we had to travel a long way to get to school. We have gradually reversed that now by bringing the school closer to homes. In Udong district, where there were no college we have now up to three with Short distances for primary schools in each commune. Despite these developments, ill-intent people said that the country is poorer and poorer. In 1979, I think it was the poorest time of our country because we had no shoes on, or anything that is worth a living on. It is quite a contradictory remark. In one instance, a child said to his father who always discredited the Royal Government that he was feeling unwell when he had to go to study in the school built in the name of Samdech Techo Hun Sen. The kid told his father about his school which has evolved from rickety roofing to better condition, and asked why the latter always make such an inappropriate remark.

It is now time that politician changes side. I urge self-restraint by all political parties because changing the party is the right of the people. Politicians in all political parties, the opposition parties also included, have changed sides. HE Kien Vang has been reported to leave the Sam Rainsy Party to join with Funcinpec and HE Ahmat Yahya to the Cambodian People's Party, and the like from Sam Rainsy to Kem Sokha's Human Rights Party, etc. I would urge all to exercise self-restraint and to take no revenge for this incident as it is normal that people can choose the party they like. The Cambodian People's Party welcomes politicians from all political tendencies to share with it the task of rebuilding the country and they are considered the Party's flesh and blood in an instance.

Taking revenge on defected politicians by insulting is not a good way of coping up with the situation as it does not give respect to individual political right. It is politically immature to take up this position. Take for instance, HE Ung Kiet, formerly was Deputy Prime Minister was accused of "selling his head" to the Cambodian People's Party. CPP has no hesitation in gathering human resources and today we have many dignitaries who leave their lawmaker's immunity and benefit to join with CPP and probably there will be more.

Aside from schooling, I also seek our people's understanding here that in relation to the water reservoir of Kraing Punlei which affects the cultivation of people in Kompong Speu and Kandal provinces. I have made effort to negotiate with the South Korean Government during my visit in March 2006 which I presented three projects to our Korean friends - 1) the Kraing Punlei reservoir 2) the renovation of the national road 3 and 3) information technology assistance. At that time I was asked to choose one out of three for reason of financial constraint. I chose water reservoir, followed by IT and national road 3. As of now we have secured financial assistance for the three requests. It will take some time to study the feasibility and potential of the reservoir, from which 20,202 hectares of land will be irrigated and 253 KW of electricity will also be produced from the dam. The budget has been recorded to be 33.5 million US dollars, for which 26.7 million dollars will be provided by South Korea and the rest is to be provided by the Royal Government of Cambodia as a counterpart fund.

The construction will start soon after public bidding is done. Once it is done, irrigation potential will cover seven districts in Kompong Speu - Udong, Thpong and Oral districts included, two districts in Kompong Chhnang - Kompong Tralach and Samaki Mean Chey and the district of Punnhealoeu of Knadal province. Well, this plan will have to be well studied.

May I inform our people that on February 24, 2008 I will lead the Royal Government's delegation to the Republic of Korea (RoK) to take part in the swearing-in ceremony of HE Lee Myung-bak, who has been my economic advisor since 2000, as the new President of the RoK. In his curriculum vitae for the electoral campaign, in section on foreign services, he listed his position as advisor to Prime Minister Hun Sen of Cambodia. Also invited are Prime Ministers of the People's Republic of China, Japan, the president of the United States, who according to our knowledge will send Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice instead, etc. I will see to what we can ask for help in relation to the reservoir.

In my visit to India at the end of last 7 and 9 December, I have negotiated and signed already the project of water collection system of Tasal in Oral district of Kompong Speu which will be channeled through for irrigation in Chba Mon, Samrong Tong and Kong Pisey districts of Kompong Speu and Kandal Stoeng and Angsnuol distrsicts of Kandal province. This is what we called the western system that collects the water down to Prek Thnaot, and a small part of the system will indeed benefit the district of Bati in Takeo province as well.

Aside from this we also see to the improvement and capacity enlargement of the bridge of Kun Kru from 4.2 meters to 10 meters in width, and from Bailey to concrete bridge too. We also build another bridge in Samraong Tong district - Trapeang Khyong, crossing the Prek Thnaot river.

I learned that there is a conflict on land at the school of Angsnuol and the case has been decided in favor of an individual who is living in Phnom Penh's Tuol Kok while rejecting the claim of villages that they have given the land for the school use since 1980. I order the district and provincial heads to closely study the school land title and build the fence for the school. It is still in the jurisdiction of the land survey unit and the Government. I urge HE Minister of Justice to take this matter closely with the Governor of the province and relevant institutions. We have full rights to protect the state's property and we have to do it. I have prepared to buy the land if it is truly belonged to that individual. But this is the land that belongs to the state./.



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