Monday, March 9, 2009

Selected Comments at the Graduation Ceremony of the Chamroeun Polytechnics

26 December 07

... My wife and I are glad to join with all of you today to celebrate your graduation of 1,222 students among whom 683 are senior Government officials. I am here to express my sincere thanks and appreciations to the efforts made by the Chamroen Polytechnics and every student in achieving their common goals. I am glad to see the development of the Chamroen Polytechnics from a small school to become a University with opening opportunity for senior Government officials and dignitaries to continue and finish their studies.

To finish studies while working requires commitment and determination. Take for instance HE Bun Sambo, he always goes with me to meetings like ASEAN Summit, etc. He had to make a lot of sacrifices for achieving the study. HE Ho Naun and Hem Khan are members of the parliament and they have reserved their time for studies too. We also have in the group the police, military police and military commanders. This is a great achievement and it is a strategic thought of the CPP in building human resources for our nation and not solely for the Party.

After January 7, 1979, we reserved the School of Yukunthor for our officials to complete their studies. Right after the liberation of our nation we picked up a correct and long-term decision on building human resources. Having toppled the Pol Pot group we had to upgrade the soldier capability because we need higher skill and expertise in managing regiment and higher units. We have to wait till 1981 to set up the high command of the armed forces.

You may know that you need certain skills to lead the forces at brigade level but more different skill and expertise for regimental leadership and commanding. Lacking skill, expertise and experience would bring about death tolls to soldiers under their commands. This is also applicable to civilian structure from province to ministry and to the whole nation. A negligence or incompetence would bring devastation to the whole country.

Therefore I would urge our Government officials and others - though they may have old ages - to take up further studies and should take the time to get oneself informed with news. I would like to remind you that make yourself fully informed will help you in making decision while on the contrary you would not be able to help in any way. I would not insult the Kenyan UN envoy to Cambodia but because of his remark I would urge our people to see what happens in Kenya and Cambodia - when he comes to Cambodia we can give him the news on air. Many deaths happened in the course of the presidential election campaign in Kenya. This news would help our people understand about the person who tries to tell us he is the best. News could be biased but we have the mind to analyze.

I accept the offer of ten scholarships by Mr. Chea Chamroen as the "Samdech Techo Hun Sen- Best Students." When we give chance to the best students we also should prepare to give them the best careers. Take for instance in the US, students graduated from Harvard or Columbia Universities would have a better chance of being taken by various companies. The same is true in France - School of National Administration, or in Great Britain. But you have to be the best among the best.

I would urge our people to get educated because only educated people will have a better chance in life. Many educational institutions have provided me hundreds of scholarships for poor students so that we are able to provide many students from poor families a window of educational opportunity. We have increased our reserve to 1,692 million US dollars. You may know that we started from zero dollars in 1979. As of mid next year our foreign reserve would be sizing to two billion US dollars and over. Therefore we do not have to use the 12 tons of gold in reserve

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