Monday, January 18, 2010

A Get –Together of the Hun’s Family

28 December 09

Today we, the children, grandchildren and great-grand children – more than 100 of us including in-laws - of the great father Hun Nieng, are so happy to be able to celebrate a party so that everyone in the family is properly introduced to our beloved father, grand father and great grandfather. It is indeed the first ever get-together of its kind in the history of the Hun’s family that, after so many partings and separations in the past, but together with the people of Cambodia, has risen to take its presence in the Cambodian People’s Party as a significant part of the process for national advancement over the past more than 30 years.

Dear members of the Hun’s family, be they my nephews, nieces, and in-laws, those who have grown to be adults and those who might not yet have been able to understand what I am saying today, I have a strong hope that you all maintain and protect the honor and fidelity of the Hun’s family for our nation, while refraining from inappropriately misusing influence or power and causing hardship or trouble for the people.

What has concerned me the most is relating to irregularities to be caused by anyone in the Hun’s family - be it one of their sons, nephews, grandsons, in matter of those of the above. I would seek your understanding that if anyone of us could not do to help our people, you all should absolutely prevent yourselves from using power that is vested in someone in the Hun’s family for purposes that might cause displeasure or trouble to our people at all.

In response to this, from our kinship as your uncle or great uncle and in my capacity as the Prime Minister, I would not tolerate any wrongdoings that are to be disguised under my power, while forgoing legal actions to be taken against you at all.

This evening get-together could be seen indeed as a serious instruction among those of us in the Hun’s family and I would warn you of my decision and never to be disappointed that I, your uncle and great uncle, is going to be so decisive and would give no care to those relatives who would be jailed for wrongdoings or offenses. In Khmer we have a saying that goes “(if one) grants favors to relatives, (one would) part away from legal authority.” The saying has delivered a message that is so simple and clear enough for anyone to understand what it really means.

Our beloved father, grandfather and great grandfather Hun Nieng, in his birthday anniversary of 87 years old, for whom I am talking on his behalf, would want nothing more than good actions and behaviors from us all. That is no different from what I want either. The Hun’s family must strive for regularly good behaviors and treating conducts within the framework of the Hun’s family.

I wish that you all – my nephews and nieces, their in-laws – memorize those points. Having learned experiences of leaders in the world, not only in Cambodia but also in other countries, misuse of power/authority and misconducts could cause future consequences. Those past and present experiences in Cambodia should be avoided by the Hun’s family. We all must get ourselves ready to help our nation, as much as you can, especially at this very moment that the poor throughout the country need to be assisted. You may read my lips not only that we must not trouble our people but help them with.

I would have you all pondering on one fact that at the time when Hun Sen leaves power, and in the case that you ignore my advice today, you could become targets of attack. You may have learned from our country’s history that children of former Generals under Lon Nol could never make it abroad when the regime collapsed. Vengeance took place. Soldiers of the Khmer Rouge could not verify in fact who from whom, but people who disliked them for many reasons were giving them no safety as they told the Khmer Rouge soldiers of those people’s bad behaviors in their time of power.

At the same time, by contrast, some relatives of the former leaders under Lon Nol have been protected and fostered for the good they did. They have survived up to now. So I would warn you of any wrongdoings and misconducts as you have now an uncle or great uncle sitting in power. You all must understand that once the power is gone, and because of your negligence of the fact I mentioned above, all you have left would be nothing but people’s anger.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanksw and appreciation to my children and their cousins for taking initiative and time to get this party organized in celebrating the birthday party for our beloved father, grandfather and great grandfather Hun Nieng at the end of 2009 and at the start of 2010.

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